This project is a rebranding of the Vitality Netball Superleague,  a top level netball league featuring teams from the UK sponsored by VitalityHealth since 2016.
My aim with this project was to create a brand identity for the Superleague that reflects the high athleticism and strong competitive sporting league that it is, in turn allowing it to be viewed by spectators as highly as similar men’s sporting leagues are. 

The existing Superleague logo shows a ball entering a hoop, when creating the new brand identity it was important to be less obvious than this and so the triangle logo was created. 
Triangles appear often in netball game play, in formations and in drills which ultimately encourage team work, a vital aspect of the game. When creating the brand identity this triangle shape became a fundamental characteristic to represent teamwork and strength, leading to the creation of the logo featuring seven triangles, each representing a player on the court travelling towards the goal in union. 
Back in the game’  is a geometric sans serif typeface created to echo the movement of women’s sporting leagues being seen as just as strong and athletic as similar male sporting leagues. 
The geometric framework of the typeface was created to establish a connotation between women’s sport and strength, creating a bold and striking appearance. The triangle shape is removed from the typeface, reinforcing consistency in the brand identity.
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